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Staying at the Camp Lejeune Fisher House

The Camp Lejeune Fisher House is available to active duty, retired military, veterans and their families from all services.  The family must be traveling a minimum of 40 miles one way with no local lodging accommodations available.  The patient must be receiving medical treatment (not general or elective procedures to include diagnostic testing).

Due to priority and urgent medical needs, it is not always possible to admit families on a first come first serve basis.  The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Medical Condition - Terminal, Critical or Serious

  • Financial - Junior personnel have priority

  • Status - Active duty personnel have priority

Once eligibility and availability are confirmed, the family will be contacted by the Fisher House staff when a room is available.  Each family will be assigned one guest room and one parking space.  A family may be admitted after business hours if prior arrangements have been made.  Emergency or overnight walk-ins may be accommodated after contacting the Fisher House Manager.

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